CPU High Voltage

Wyatt, Jackson, Zayde,
Haydyn, Cooper, Connor, Amelia


Robotics isn't about making machines to serve us. its about making machines that can be our partners

 (Cynthia Breazeal)

Our Team

We are team 6189 High Voltage Robotics. It is our 11th year as a team. Right now we have 7 members.

oUR Robot

Our robot known as Volt zips around the CENTERSTAGE field. Volt's electrifying speed helps us to get to where we need to quickly and efficiently, grab pixels, and score them efficiently.


6 years ago, our team grew so much that we branched off into a second team called 13415 Electric Storm. We also do multiple events that we call outreach events.

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Our Team

Team 6189 High Voltage Robotics consists of 7 team members, Wyatt, Jackson, Zayde, Haydyn, Cooper, Conner, and Amelia. We are smaller by 2 people from last year. We also have made state for the 2023-2024 season.

Our Robot

Our robot has gone through many different stages in the process of designing it. We started off with a robot using up almost the full 18in. by 18in. by 18in. space. We then changed the robot to be smaller, more maneuverable, and more accessible. After a while we decided to go back to close to the 18 by 18 by 18 inch spacing. Now our robot is bigger and we can still hang and launch a drone.

Our Community

In our community we do many different events to interest people in joining robotics. We do outreach such as summer camps, library events, and tent rent out for  fund raising. We have gone and held an assembly at the intermediate school and the kids there loved every bit of what we had to show them.